Apr 4, 2019

How you can introduce new cosmetics and new medical device in India?

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With people of India becoming more and more health conscious there is increase in demand of food supplements.But for starting a food supplement business it is necessary to obtain license from the respective authority. In this article we will discuss about food supplement business and all about .

One of the major challenges that people face for manufacture and sale of health or food supplements like Nutraceuticals, Special dietary use products and speciality food from botanical or plant source, is categorizing them into food or drug formulation. There is a very thin line difference between drugs/medicines and the health supplements. The ingredients of health supplements that are known to peoples through varied nomenclatures may fall into category of both drugs as well as food supplements. Therefore, to clearly differentiate between drug and dietary supplement, Government of India has defined the regulations for Food Supplement formulations that requires approval from FSSAI. It is mandatory to have an FSSAI license before starting  any business in India, so that the authority can enforce traceability on the manufacturing and trade businesses of Food Products.

According to the present regulations, no person can manufacture, distribute, sell or import any  novel or non-specified food product, ingredient or additive, without obtaining prior approval fromFSSAI. The manufacturer has to comply with theFood Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011 and rules thereunder.

It is important to note that products with only approved ingredients and additives as per the functional food regulations of FSSAI can be marketed as health/food supplements in India. All the other medicinal formulations with  nutrients are sold in the market as drugs after obtaining the required license from the drug authorities. Obtaining Dietary supplement license ensure people that the product they are consuming are safe and posses no risk to their health.

Pharma CTD Dossier

Dossier is a data compilation that contains all information about drug. Pharma ACTD Dossier is one of the best healthcare industries for all types of regulatory affairs services in India and offers consultancy on all regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical and other such related industries where all regulations are evolving continuously.The regulatory agencies need pharmaceutical Dossiers to get approval for marketing of drugs. These Dossiers consist of all different documents that represents several years of research that includes all multi-disciplinary information about the safety and how effective a drug is.

Management of ACTD Dossier Compliance

The process of managing the ACTD Dossier Compliance is very complex that requires high costs and needs management of all components during the process of approval.The compilation of document needs skills of sourcing, writing and interpreting these documents. It requires a team of pharmacist who are very talented, research assistants and data analysts.

Thus, by now you must have understood everything about license required for nutritional supplement license and Pharma CTD dossier.

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