Apr 2, 2019

Grab a Snack from Your Next Uber Ride

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Businesses are trying hard to grab their customer’s attention with innovative and attractive ideas. One such idea is the in-car convenience store that has become a very popular concept for taxi and cab services. During a long ride, we might feel hungry or thirsty which is why in-car convenience store comes into rescue. One of the most popular concepts these days, a lot of cab drivers are already offering water and gum to the passengers during the ride.

Other than this, many cab services have been partnering with various in-car convenience store to sell eateries and other items to the passenger during the ride. These items are free of cost for the drivers where the entire algorithm is looked after by the company. Most of the products are new to the market and are sold as sample products to the passengers and acts as extra earning opportunities for Uber drivers as well. Apart from being beneficial for the riders, these products also help new businesses in grabbing their potential customer’s attention.

While riding the cab, the drivers can offer products from the sampling companies in Australia that will act as an earning opportunity. The box will be managed by the organization which will include chocolates and soft drinks that the passenger can purchase just by scanning at the QR code on the box. After such easy steps, the driver will hand over the purchased item to the rider. However, these in-car convenience store companies are planning to expand to various other parts of the country as well to grow their business strategy. Partnering with these companies is a great tip for Uber drivers to make more money without any admission fee. With so much progress in this business idea, do not feel surprised if you get a sales pitch in your next ride. This ridesharing service sells sampling products through a mobile app that are offered by product sampling companies in Sydney. As long as this service is receiving extreme popularity in Australia, soon this service will be seen worldwide that will help in getting extra income for Uber drivers in Australia. However, there are certain requirements that a driver needs to acquire before acquiring a box. For Uber drivers, a minimum of 4.7-star rating is mandatory to possess the box.

In spite of all these facilities, the cab service assures that there will be no reduction in the quality of the service or the performance of the drivers.

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