Oct 8, 2018

Critical Mistakes a Marketer Make With Social Media Strategy

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Regardless of the phenomenal changes to both technology and social media, marketers have no choice but to build emotion-rich and client-centric strategies to always stay on the top. In the struggle to sink into the insignificant details of the marketing functions especially with social media, some of the smartest marketers many times go off beam in strategizing the right way with social media.
Do you also wish to make your social media marketing a perfect one? If so, then here are a few costly mistakes that you should be strictly taken care of.

Not picking up the correct posting plan:
Whether you own a day old business or you own a 100-year-old well-established business, social media marketing always demands you to connect with your targeted audience in a way that can add value and boost user experience. Without a proper planning, it’s like a battle. So, you need to be consistently different & strategics.

First of all, plan a right content marketing strategy on social media platforms by Strategizing:
• What to post
• Whom to post
• How often to post
• When to post
Most of the time you share content that is relevant to your audience, your brand pulse increases. Also, it is essential to measure the level of engagement sporadically. So, always pick a platform, which either has inbuilt analytics or the one which integrates well with good analytical tools.

Not spending the proper time to analyze & check your performance:
Never ever, plan any activity on social media platforms with a purpose to just collect more likes, comments, and shares. Instead of doing this, connect with your social media actions, review each of your performance, and monitor engagement. Apart from it, taking a customer-centered approach is also vital. Data and analytics in association with artificial intelligence & machine learning are the two core elements of digital business nowadays. So, to be the best Social Media Marketing Consultant or marketer, it’s essential to manage & analyze your data and ultimately apply your data for the betterment of your business and customers. Social media data analytics will help you to:
• Understand your strength & weakness
• Understand the level of acceptance & rejections for each of your activity from your
potential audience
• Gain valuable inputs for future proceedings
• Evaluate your achievement

This facility can definitely help you identify the most interesting segments of your audience, as it can slice each of your activity, track customer experience, and even identify behaviors that drive retention.

Not choosing the right social media platform:
As a Social Media Marketing Consultant, you can only call a platform perfect for your business if it allows you to use the best of its features that can boost your business presence and add value. The ultimate idea is to reach far and wide, to increase visibility, to add value, to understand your followers, to be proactive, to improve sales and to enhance your user experience.

As there are so many platforms has become such a vital part of many marketers for their day-to-day campaigning, communication and promotional activities with their customers. It’s getting difficult to choose which platform is best for them. Thus, to achieve a better marketing process with plentiful social media platforms, you need to do some thoughtful planning.

Marketers fail to confront new ideas or misalign their objectives that tend to show as mistakes. If you’re a Social Media Marketing Consultant and want to function it correctly, by means of innovation, then it is essential to rectify the mistakes and move away from the conventional approaches. If find any problem, then Kindlebit Solutions is always here to help you!

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